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The Saints are 12 N.O. – I have waited all my life for a season like this…

I have been a New Orleans Saints fan my entire life. Not the type of fan that jumps on the band wagon when they are winning and jumps off when they lose, but the type of fan that stuck with the team after Mike Ditka mortgaged a decade of draft picks for Ricky Williams. If it weren’t for hurricane Katrina, I would still have my 5-0 Cha-ching T-shirt.

Being born and raised in New Orleans, the Saints were the only team I followed in professional football. My father was so much of a fan; you would have thought he was on of the owners. Instead of church on Sunday, The Saints games were the only thing that would guarantee that my entire family would spend a day together. The Saints were part of the family. As an adult, my work week would be a good one or a bad one based on whether the Saints won their game.

I remember watching the games with all my cousins on Sunday afternoon with a plate of red beans in my lap sitting Indian-style front of the television. It was funny hearing the adult s in my family cursing and complaining about the game.

I watched my father and uncles throw beers and chicken bones at the screen in disgust every time the Saints would screw up. The game also came with full ghetto commentary from my uncle Steven and my pops. You could get a full injury report, game strategy, play by-play from my people. I also learned the entire history of the franchise by listening to my father and uncles tell the stories of how we picked who and what Tom Benson (the owner) was doing wrong with the team. The kids never asked questions, because the adults would get frustrated and kick us out of the living room.

The Dome Patrol:

After the Saints games were over, I used to go outside to play football in the street with my friends wearing my Bobby Hebert jersey, only to be laughed at and ridiculed by some of my friends who had sold out for a Joe Montana’s or Jerry Rice’s 49ers jersey. In spite of the dynasty the 49ers were at the time, I still thought the Saints were the best team. After all, they were the Saints. I thought that Dalton Hilliard was the best Running back to ever play and Rickey Jackson was better than Lawrence Taylor.  I used to stick up for the Saints when they lost and make excuses for them like most people do for their cousin that’s always going back and forth to prison for various crimes. I used to say, “We need a quarterback, we have a hard schedule, the refs cheated (my favorite).”

 In 1988, the Saints were playing extremely well and made it to the playoffs for the first time and played the Minnesota Vikings. The Saints were a whopping 12-3 that year and we looked unstoppable. After leading the game 10 to zero, the Vikings went on a roll and beat us 44-10. I was devastated. Vikings Wide-Receiver Anthony Carter returned a punt for a touchdown and caught a Hail-Mary touchdown pass. (The irony of a guy catching a Hail-Mary on the Saints…Whose side was Mary on?) My dad almost broke our television that day…I remember him saying a statement that would forever ring in my head,” Same ole’ Saints”….I would use that statement for the next 15 years.

In spite of all of that, when I became a teenager, I still rooted for the Saints. I remained faithful through the Ditka years, and as an adult, I have rooted through the hot/cold Haslett years, and the current Payton administration.

 A lot of my friends fell off to support the Cowboys and the Patriots etc.

Then in 2005 the unthinkable happened. Hurricane Katrina tore a hole through the Superdome and flooded my city, forcing me to move to Maryland. Living between D.C. and Baltimore, people would ask me, “So are you a Skins fan or a Ravens fan?” With pride, I would show them my Saints baseball cap, screen saver from my phone, Saints engraved door keys, tie-pin,  Saints logo debit card or the Drew Brees or Joe Horn (Remember him) Jersey I owned. People laughed and said, “the Saints suck!” Well being from New Orleans you know I had to respond, “No Yo’ momma sucks.”

 Anyway, I knew that we would not fair well in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Katrina and Aaron Brooks still at quarterback. I still supported the Saints and counted the season as a rebuilding year. Oh man did we rebuild, something magical happened in 2006. We got a new coach (Sean Payton) a good quarterback (Drew Brees) and a guy named Bush (Reggie Bush) that wasn’t from Texas. The team looked great and was kickin’ you know what and I thought to myself, whoo-hooo!! We are finally going to win the big one. All of these years of disappointment will be worth it by winning the Super Bowl. However, it was our time, lost the NFC championship to the Bears. “Same ole Saints”

 The Saints could take you high as a kite like your first love and then leave you feeling disappointed like a kid whose father did not show up to their recital. Heart attack, aneurism, and depression were some of the things I experienced over the last 30 years on a frequent basis, but for some reason I could never give up on them. I always believed that our time would come.

Does anyone remember the River City Relay in Jacksonville?

Supporting them was like the family car you never want to get rid of. Sure the car has its problems, but you have too many good memories with it and it has done too much for your family.  Also, you always saw the potential in the car and what it could be, so instead of trading it in for another model, you rebuilt the engine, and threw some 20’ spinners on it, with a coat of black & gold candy paint.

I still love the Saints, like a woman loves her baby daddy, like a fat kid loves vanilla ice-cream on his chocolate cake, like Bobby Brown likes getting arrested, like Tiger Woods loves white women.

Currently, the Saints are playing great football and are 12-0 for the first time ever in life and are looking like Super Bowl contenders. They also are not falling victim to the pitfalls and bone-head plays that long time fans are accustomed to.

This season is special, but I personally don’t care about all the undefeated mess, I just want us to get home field and continuously get better as the season winds down. Now if we happen to go undefeated in the process cool, but let’s not call the season a failure if we do lose one. The goal is to be the champs.

I wrote this, because this past Sunday against the Washington Redskins, the Saints gave me heart palpitations, because I got caught up. The way they were playing against the Redskins took me back to 1988, “Same ole Saints.” As the Saints were on the doorstep of their first loss I began to complain to my wife saying, “We blew out the Dolphins, Stomp the Eagles, Ruin the Giants and embarrass the Patriots, and then lose to the Redskins?” In my mind, that is what I was used to. The Saints building you up, and then as soon as you start to believe the hype, they let you down. But just like any other family member you have, whether they are graduating from high school or flunking out they are still family and you still support them.

Here I was about to condemn my team for losing a single game that would have made them 11 and 1. (Wow unhappy with 11 and 1? We have become spoiled)

 These may not be the “Same Ole Saints” in terms of their talent, attitude and potential, but these are the same ole Saints I have been rooting for my whole life, these are the same ole Saints that brought my family together, these are the same ole Saints that could have left and went to San Antonio, but stayed in a desolate city to support the fans who love them. (Thanks Tom Benson)

 So no matter how the rest of the season goes, this is my team and I am sticking with them win, lose or draw. I loved the 3-13 Saints, the Dome Patrol Saints, the Cha-ching Saints, the Katrina Saints, and the lost to the Bears in the NFC Championship Saints, and the undefeated 2009 Saints. I will just make sure to take an Aspirin before each game from here on out…..Geaux Saints!!!


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My High School Reunion on Facebook

Cooley High

Cooley High

Facebook is a great internet site for networking and keeping in touch with your family members and loved ones who live far away. It is also used as a place to meet new people, and get information. For me, it has been a great virtual high school reunion.

I have just joined Facebook a week ago and I have connected with a lot of my old high school buddies. Everybody and their momma (literally their momma) are on Facebook. My friends have grown up and have families. It’s truly remarkable to see how much people have grown up, especially when the last time you saw them they had a flat top and an African Medallion on.

I missed my 10 year high school reunion in 2006, because hurricane Katrina destroyed my hometown city of New Orleans back in 2005. So, I haven’t seen many of my friends since I moved away four years ago.

It was really good catching up with my friends and laughing about all the dumb things we did back in the day. I realized how good that time of my life was, and how much I took for granted during those years. I am finding more people everyday. It’s off the chain. I even think the old lady from the cafeteria added me as a friend.

School Dances

School Dances

Then something else happened. I got curious, you know how we are by nature, I started searching “people of interest” to see what they look like and how things were going. Most people look up old flames, and depending on how you broke up (if they dumped you or not), you are hoping to find out that they are fat, crack-heads with no teeth, have ugly spouses and too many kids to count. But sometimes, you find out they are doctors or lawyers with beautiful families…that sucks.

You also want to know what ever happened to the hottest girl/guy (depending on who you are) in your graduating class. You are hoping that she is still the coke bottle dime or he is still the hard body you knew and fantasized about as a teenager. You also want to know what became of the people you thought would be successful when you were in school (The Nerds).

You are hoping they went on to do great things. You don’t wanna find out that the Valedictorian has become a stripper at the Roscoe’s Sugar Shack, Daycare & Check Cashing Place.

Because I am not different from anyone else, I started looking up girls I used to date. I was not trying to hook up with any of them; I just wanted to know if I won the “Last Laugh” game we play after we break up with a person. You know this game, if my life is better and my spouse is tighter, I WIN!! When I finally found one of their pages, all I could say is, “wow!” I could not believe it. She has 4 kids and she weighs 250 lbs. more than what she did in high school. She was also single….(Guess I’m the Winner)

We wore uniforms in public school

We wore uniforms in public school

All of a sudden, that was not important. I was too excited about the good times. I flashed back to the memories of everything that I had experienced in the early 90’s when I was in high school. I thought about the football games, hanging out with my friends, the lunch room drama, the fights, the dances and all that other stuff we do in high school. Thanks to Facebook, I have had a high school reunion. Now sing the school song!!!


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NFL KICKOFF WEEKEND 2009 – What I think…about my team and yours

Geaux Saints

Geaux Saints

The New Orleans Saints are going to “Shake up the World” as Mohammed Ali would say after he beat a certain someone’s ass 3 decades ago. Most people know the Saints as an under achieving team with a great quarterback in Drew Brees and a Bush that has more favor than other Bush’s around the Crescent City.

2006 they almost reached unthinkable heights as they fell to the Chicago Cubs, I mean Bears in the NFC championship. Since then, expectations have been high. Finishing in the cellar of the NFC South division, I feel that it is not only their time to win the Division, but to go……all…..the…..way to the Superbowl baby!!

Here’s why:

Let’s take a look at the NFC south:

Tampa Bay Bucanneers – Garbage! Let’s just change their names to the “Suck-aneers”….Next!

Atlanta Falcons– They will be a victim of last year’s success. Everyone will be gunning for them and Matt Ryan. Although Gonzalez (spelling)  will torch people at tight end, another certain tight end will shine out of the south. (Jeremy Shockey). As for Matt Ryan, can anyone say sophomore slump?? Expectations are for him to be the next Tom Brady or something and it’s not going to happen just yet. The NFL is becoming desperate to make new stars like clean cut Matt Ryan. Plus, Philly will score 50 on them when Michael Vick comes to town. LOL.

Carolina Panthers – They will finish second in our division. The running game is good, Steve Smith is great, but Jake is washed up to me. The Saints gave Carolina a gem when we afforded them a franchise quarterback and kept “cannon arm, doe-doe” who needed to see the wizard for a brain Aaron Brooks. That gift is like the toys you give your kids for Christmas and by New Year’s Day it is broken. Jake is done. The defense will still be top 8, but they won’t do too much.

New Orleans Saints – Where do we begin? Drew Brees will be the league MVP, he will break the record he almost broke last year. (barring injury). Shockey  will be the most improved player. The defense will be much improved and coach Payton will stop trying to run Bush up the middle. The only way he would go up the middle is if Kim Kardashian was playing Center. Now that’s what I call a Wild Cat formation!!!

The Saints are also being underestimated this year. Brett Favre is the ghost of football past and they are treating him like it is 1996 again. They are crowning the Vikings Kings of the NFC, when they need to be getting Prince to loan Favre his purple wheel chair he was being pushed around in after hip surgery. Arizona won’t be back, in the bowl, because their Arizona, and by the time McNabb stop player hating Michael Vick in Philly, they’ll self destruct. The Giants have Plax going to jail, Shockey is with us, Toomer’s with Tom, Tyree is working at Best Buy (cruel>LOL) and Eli Manning has already used his trust fund paying off the Patriots. Green Bay may be good competition, the Bears will through Cutler out on his bum when he tries to talk back to James Evans, um I mean Lovie Smith…..

The Saints have the most potent offense with a decent defense. We will score 30+ and only give up 20. Barring any injuries or suspensions for taking Pepto Bismal (since it’s been put on the banned substance list), the Saints will do it real big.

I know what you are thinking. What about the AFC? Well,what about Chris Brown? What about the swine flu? What about Obamacare? Well, until I see who we are playing in the Superbowl, it does not matter. It’ll most likely be the Patriots or the Steelers. (I’d rather play New England) BTW, we play them this year on Monday night football.

As far as the steelers go, yall still have to make it back. Polamalu has gotten soft on yall. He got hurt in the first game and he is doing Head and shoulders commercials. I thought he was supposed to be the island Sampson or something like that. He might wanna consider some corn rows or something.

Any The band wagon is loading now. All aboard for Superbowl City. You heard it heard first…ALLLL ABBOOOAAARD!!


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