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My Thoughts on 2010…. and Tiger Woods.

I know that I have been gone for a minute, but I am back in full – effect. I had some issues to take care of over the past few months but like Jay Z said, “I just thugged my way my through,” and now I have more time to write again. I had to make a stand just like Michael Evans did win the Jr. Warlords tried to punk him on Good Times.

So much has happened in the past few months, and I have so many topics that I want to write about, I don’t know where to start. So, I am just going to catch up on a few things that have happened in the news that I have opinions about.

Here are some of my random thoughts and opinions:

Gilbert Arenas Avoids Jail

Suspended NBA star Gilbert Arenas was sentenced to two years of supervised probation Friday for bringing guns into his team’s locker room.

He also is to serve 30 days in a halfway house. He will be required to serve 400 hours of community service and contribute $5,000 to a fund for victims of violence.

I am glad this dude did not go to prison. He is not a threat to society. He may be dumb as hell, but not a menace to society like some people are trying to paint him.

What is up with all of these celebrity and athletes catching gun charges? If you got more than $10 million dollars in the bank, hire a body-guard. Also, why do they act like they cannot register their guns? They can buy 24 inch spinning rims, but can’t get a gun permit? GTFOH!

Since we are on this topic, I also think they should free Plaxico Burress. Stupidity without hurting anyone should not require a jail sentence.

 Healthcare Reform Passed

I have no immediate feelings about recently passed healthcare reform bill itself yet. However, I do applaud President Obama for having the endurance to pass any legislation amidst all of the opposition he faced, which in some cases had nothing to do with the bill itself. It’s really because he is what the tea party calls a “Socialist” (African-American)

For the simple fact that the bill is over 2700 pages long, I am willing to bet that NOBODY has read the bill in its entirety, so a lot of the drama around it is pure speculation and hateration. 

While I am sure that I could find something that I disagree with in the 2700+ pages of manuscript, it seemed that the Republicans were just hell bent on preventing the President and his Democratic majority from passing anything.

Once I educate myself a little more, I will have a better opinion on the details. What I do know after having a baby last year, something had to change. I spent too much money to on stuff that they gave to ILLEGAL immigrants for free. I am not hating on them, but when an Aspirin is $80.00, something aint right.

Two words: Unity Please?

 EarthQuake in Haiti

This earthquake was a terrible disaster and my heart goes out to all of the victims in Haiti. It’s a messed up situation and I wish them all the best in rebuilding their country and their lives.

Now I know I am going to tick some people off, but I am going to say what I am sure a lot of people have been thinking. Haiti is always going to be a slum and they are not going to rebuild it. …. Rebuild it to what? It was the poorest country in the western hemisphere and it is going to stay that way. Coca-Cola is not coming to build plants there; they are not getting a Wal-Mart or a Ford plant. Puh-leaase. I wish instead of just buying tents and buckets to get water for people to gather out of make shift wells, that someone came up with a plan to modernize the place and help build a better future for the country. I would love to see Haiti get new schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

People are donating all kinds of money and most of it is going into rich peoples’ pockets.  I am positive that the infrastructure there will still look like shit five years from now. I just read an article that Wyclef Jean (Mr. Haiti himself) gave some money from his charity for Haitian relief to his lil jump off. If he is doing that, that’s terrible.

Now let’s not get it twisted, there are people helping and making a difference, but after this is not the top newsheadline, people are gonna to forget about this disaster.

As for now, people have tried to do all they could. They have held telethons and they have even re-recorded “We are the World” with Lil Wayne singing on autotune and everything, but Haiti still looks like…well….Haiti.

They keep saying that the world won’t forget about Haiti, but just look in our own backyard: Is there a new World Trade Center up yet in New York City? Think about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. Is the 9th ward back on and poppin’

Haiti was being messed over long before the earthquake and just like hurricane Katrina did New Orleans, it just exposed a lot of ills that the rest of the world forgot about or never cared to know.

Monique Wins an Oscar

Congratulations to Monique on her Oscar……but is it me or does a black woman got to play a role as a crack-head whore or an incestuous ghetto baby momma pedophile to win an academy award in Hollywood? That’s garbage, because actresses like Angela Bassett and Oprah Winfrey have played excellent roles in movies like The Color Purple and What’s Love Got to do With It, but did not win.

Don’t give me that jive about Jennifer Hudson either. She was still a loud uneducated ghetto baby momma too in Dreamgirls, she just could sing.

They say it’s about the performance, but to me it’s more about the negative image that they are portraying.They are  giving awards for these sisters playing the stereotype.

Tiger Woods

Just play golf bruh! You are not the first or last adulterer in this world. As long as you did not bang some woman during the nationally televised broadcast of the Masters, you don’t owe the media an explanation about your personal life. You are not perfect (duh); neither are the people judging you. Keep it moving….

By the way, you’re not a sex addict…you’re a man! People are always trying to run to rehab for something. What type of rehab is out there for a man (with millions and fame) who likes to have sex with willing, women. What do you do in rehab, besides practice abstinence and dream about the day you get out, so you can get some?

Using drugs is not a normal activity, drinking is not a normal everyday activity, but sex is a natural biological function. How are you going rehab from that? Can you make a lion a vegetarian?

Lil Wayne Goes to Jail

Another celebrity with a gun charge. Youuuungg Muula Baabyy!

Seriously though, I don’t wish prison on nobody. Period. I just hope Lil Wayne has a positive message for all these youngsters and old ass adult youngsters that are looking up to him.

You are not a thug, you’re an artist. You went to McMain homey. Stay up!

American Idol is Garbage

This has to be the worst installment of this show ever. I am more than sure this will be the last go around for American Idol.  Paula ans Simon will be gone and Ellen should not ever judge musical talent again.

I guess all the aspiring R&B and Alternative artists I know in the United States were not qualified to go to Hollywood, but the average Joe-Shmo is on TV every night trying to become the next American Idol. Shucks, I think I could have made it through this year.

I definitely think my homey Eli would have went through:

I am sure that everyone in a city where they had auditions is like, “damn I should have taken off work that day to go audition for the show.”

These singers are trash and not only that, they are voting off the most decent ones out the group. It’s like you are choosing the best from the worst. If you had to choose a wife out of Weezy Jefferson, Florida Evans, and Harriet Winslow, wouldn’t you be mad as hell if they eliminated Harriet Winslow?

This was the best thing that happened on American Idol this year.

Reggie Bush Leaves Kim Kardashian

The only ring Reggie is interested in is the ring he won in Miami. Kim is not wifey material, she’s only nightly material. Can you see her being a mother and raising a family? She is actually not a celebrity to me. She’s just a pretty woman who dates famous men.

Celebrity couples are given too much credit anway. They don’t have more meaningful relationships than us regular folks, nor are they role models for “average couples.” They are just like us with more money. Some people act like celebrity relationships are these magical unions that are suppose to end in marriage. It seems more like these celebrity relationships end in either a scandal, a reality show or herpes.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

The Marine Corps’ top officer says he would want to avoid housing gay and heterosexual Marines in the same rooms on base if the ban on gays openly serving in the military is lifted.

I say, it does not matter. They are thousands of homosexuals serving in the military today and it’s not a big deal. There is a gay soldier today in the barracks sleeping right next to a straight soldier. So what? Do they think if they make separate barracks that the gay guys are going to have pink Hello Kitty sheets on the beds and that they are going to wear lavender army fatigues with skinny leg pants?

If they are that bent out of shape, why not separate the troops by race again, or religion. Maybe the Muslim soldiers can become a new suicide bomber unit.. (Sarcasm)

I just think that the military has more important things to worry about.

Truth be told, I support all of our American soldiers who volunteer and put their life on the line for the rest of us scary, fat, lazy, or uninterested Americans who wouldn’t go to war even if they were drafted by Obama himself.

If I was kidnapped by the taliban on the way to the store or attacked by a foreign force, and a group of U.S. soldiers  jumped from a helicopter to save me, I am not going to stop the guys and say, “excuse me, are you gay? I only want straight men to save my life.”

You got a whole bunch of straight people that wouldn’t even help you fix a flat tire on the highway. I say leave them alone.

I’ll be back in a week with a new original topic……Holla!



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Reality Sucks, I’d Rather Live in a Sitcom

Real Chance of Love 2

Real Chance of Love 2

I was watching television the other night and I could not find anything that held my interest other than Sports Center. There were no good shows on except for Law & Order and the news.

As I scanned through all my cable channels (Basic Cable Channels), all I could find was Reality TV shows. Most of which were pointless or just not very interesting. Then I caught something that was just so buffoon-like, I had to write about it.

I found myself watching this show called “Real Chance of Love” where this guy named Real and his brother Chance are trying to find love from a bunch of hood rats and chicken heads looking to become famous. Not that it was good, but I was just amazed that this foolishness was on TV. It was like watching a car accident on the interstate that you just can’t turn away from.

The first thing that is wrong with this show is that Real & Chance aren’t even famous for anything. They were contestants on another reality show called “I love New York,” starring Tiffany Pollard, who guess what??…was a contestant on another reality show called “Flavor of Love” with former Public Enemy hype man Fla-vor Flav!!

Flavor of Love

Flavor of Love

So all of these people are nobodies and these girls are doing all of these stunts and fighting each other to be with one of the “Stallionaires” as they like to be called. Secondly, these dudes don’t even look or act like they really like women.

It has come to my attention that TV has come to an all time low. As of today, I am purging myself from reality television. I am no longer “Keeping up with the Kardashians, Making the Band, or trying to become America’s Best Dance Crew!”

What happened to the old sitcoms like the Cosby Show, Charles in Charge, All in the Family, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Married with Children, Full House, and The Jefferson’s? Do you remember when you watched the Cosby Show and wanted your family to be just like that? I wanted the money they had too, but I remember saying, “I wish my parents would treat me and my sisters like Cliff and Claire Huxtabel do their kids.” My parents were more like Florida and James Evans. (Not looks of course)

Remember television show theme songs? Those gospel hits from Good Times and the Jefferson’s, the feel good song from Growing Pains, Family Matters, Full House, Different Strokes, etc. This is the stuff we are missing. Sanford and Son theme song did not even have any words, but everybody used to sing the horn parts with their mouth. (Bump, bump, bump, baaanuumpp!)

Sitcoms would always entertain you and teach you life lessons. The reality shows that come on now are trash. Cheesy intro music intro followed by clips of what happened last week.  Almost every show on TV is about winning a career, living in a house with 8 roommates or finding love.

Think about it: 

  • America’s Next Top Model
  • American Idol
  • America’s Next Best Dance Crew
  • America’s Got Talent
  • Project Runway
  • Top Chef
  • Making the Band
  • Making the Band 2
  • That Tattoo Parlor Show
  • For the Love of Ray J
  • Tool Academy
  • Real World

Here is an idea, how about people just go to school and get an education to get the career they want? I saw a show called “Rip the Runaway” or something to that effect. The contestants were trying to become designers. One of the guys who was kicked off the show was crying during his confessional, “I wanted this so bad, but now my life is over.” I am like, “you can still have it dummy if you go to school.” Reality TV is not the only way to get your career off the ground. Why you need to marry Ray J? Not hating on Brandy’s little brother, but he aint the only dude on the market. These women act like these guys are the last dude on earth. How can you fall in love with someone who is living with 20 other women he’s dating?

Once I saw a show on MTV where spoiled kids get to plan their 16th birthday party called Sweet 16 or something to that effect. The Kids are so spoiled and they are complaining about the type of new car they are getting. (At age 16 mind you)

Reality TV is dumbin’ us down. I mean Frankie and Neffe?? Are you serious? Clown TV at its finest. It’s like nobody cares about substance in their entertainment anymore. No message included just buffoonery and stupidity. Anyone, anywhere, who is willing to be degraded or act completely over the top, can be a television star. They even got reality shows for the wash up actors who used to be famous (The Surreal Life). 

Can't Knock the Hustle?

Can't Knock the Hustle?

I really think that the only reason reality shows are making it, is because people love to see drama, fights and sex. It kind of reminds me when the Jerry Springer Show used to come on late at night and people would run home to watch it so that they could see the transexual fight her lover when she tells him that she is really a man. Then Jerry got wack, because they started scripting the fights and the blow ups. They added stripper poles, incest couples and midgets, then everything went left. That’s what happened with reality televsion shows.

I have a question, what about all the real actors who go to theatre schools all over the country that cannot get a job, because “For the Love of Ray J” was booked for another season? Think of all the out of work writers who have pitched thousands of sitcom and drama ideas to networks who say, “No thanks. We are going to air a show about a crack head & her daughter who has 8 kids with 5 different baby daddies.”

To make matters worse, Reality TV is fake! I repeat, it’s fake. The stuff is staged. From the fights to the make out sessions, it is all staged by a producer to get ratings.

The first reality show that I ever saw was COPS. That was the best one ever. The shows we are watching today don’t even come close. There was nothing scripted about COPS. You could be in the other room, but if you heard that Bob Marley song “Bad Boys” come on, it was about to be on and poppin’.


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