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The Ghetto Big Brother is Watching…

So I am sure that everyone has at least heard one conspiracy theory or two about how “Big Brother” (The U.S. Government) is watching your every move with their traffic-light cameras, monitors on the internet, GPS systems in cars and phones, and un-warranted wire-taps on your cell phones, etc.. Yes these things do exist, but there is another brother watching you that you are not aware of, and in most cases, they are doing more damage to your privacy than you think…It’s not the Chinese, it’s not that creepy bundle of money with the big eyes on those Geico Insurance commercials, it is everyday people.

It’s the people around you. It’s the guy in the grocery store standing behind you in the check-out line; it’s the kids in the mall, and to bring it even closer to home…..your mate. Technology has become a blessing and curse, just like Sarah Connor said it would in the Terminator when Skynet made the super-computer that decided to destroy the world. In the words of Southwest Airlines, “You are no longer safe to move around country.”

Anybody with a cell phone and a computer, can be Jack Bauer and track you down, set you up, get you busted, or just embarrass the hell out of you over the internet. Think about it, your girlfriend and your nosy ex-girlfriends are checking your Facebook page right now to find out who your friends are, what you are doing, and who you are doing it with. She also gets a text from Bank of America every time you use your visa debit card. She  getd the dollar amount you charged and the location of the charge. She also has the GPS tracking dot she can follow on the computer thanks to your cell phone.

You want to try to creep in the new BMW you just bought? Don’t do it big pimpn,’ she has a GPS system on that too, she got Onstar and a low-jack. She can kill the engine where ever you are until she gets there to Tiger Woods your ass right in front of the club.

Let’s say you lied to your boss about why you’re not coming to work? Well you better hope your house does not show up on GOOGLE MAPS! This site can show your house in live living color 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I called my father one day who lives all the way in Longview, Texas while googling his apartment address. I got to see so close, I could see his bicycle on the balcony. I said, “Dad, you should move your bike before someone steals it.” Man did that freaked him out. This made me think, hmmmm, every time I leave my house, someone can be watching me on the internet.

The biggest thing that has gone too far is the camera phone. You can be made into a YouTube sensation without even trying. Think I’m lying? Just get into a fight in a public place. People don’t break up fights or use their phone to call the police anymore; they just flip on the camera and make you their latest YouTube post. People have become so good at it, that CNN is now asking people to send them their videos they record so that CNN can air them with their news stories. 

There should be a law against people doing that….For real, for real.

With all that going on, you still have people out here who are dumb enough to just tell you all day, what they are doing and where they are going on Twitter. This is out of control, but this one is a self-imposed invasion of privacy. Just tell all your business: “I’m at Wal-Mart, I just passed gas…it stank, I’m driving down the street, Oops my license is suspended…I being pulled over by the police. D’OH!!” I can write a whole new article on Twitter alone.

 Just watch your back out here in these streets. Big Brothers are watching…..


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My High School Reunion on Facebook

Cooley High

Cooley High

Facebook is a great internet site for networking and keeping in touch with your family members and loved ones who live far away. It is also used as a place to meet new people, and get information. For me, it has been a great virtual high school reunion.

I have just joined Facebook a week ago and I have connected with a lot of my old high school buddies. Everybody and their momma (literally their momma) are on Facebook. My friends have grown up and have families. It’s truly remarkable to see how much people have grown up, especially when the last time you saw them they had a flat top and an African Medallion on.

I missed my 10 year high school reunion in 2006, because hurricane Katrina destroyed my hometown city of New Orleans back in 2005. So, I haven’t seen many of my friends since I moved away four years ago.

It was really good catching up with my friends and laughing about all the dumb things we did back in the day. I realized how good that time of my life was, and how much I took for granted during those years. I am finding more people everyday. It’s off the chain. I even think the old lady from the cafeteria added me as a friend.

School Dances

School Dances

Then something else happened. I got curious, you know how we are by nature, I started searching “people of interest” to see what they look like and how things were going. Most people look up old flames, and depending on how you broke up (if they dumped you or not), you are hoping to find out that they are fat, crack-heads with no teeth, have ugly spouses and too many kids to count. But sometimes, you find out they are doctors or lawyers with beautiful families…that sucks.

You also want to know what ever happened to the hottest girl/guy (depending on who you are) in your graduating class. You are hoping that she is still the coke bottle dime or he is still the hard body you knew and fantasized about as a teenager. You also want to know what became of the people you thought would be successful when you were in school (The Nerds).

You are hoping they went on to do great things. You don’t wanna find out that the Valedictorian has become a stripper at the Roscoe’s Sugar Shack, Daycare & Check Cashing Place.

Because I am not different from anyone else, I started looking up girls I used to date. I was not trying to hook up with any of them; I just wanted to know if I won the “Last Laugh” game we play after we break up with a person. You know this game, if my life is better and my spouse is tighter, I WIN!! When I finally found one of their pages, all I could say is, “wow!” I could not believe it. She has 4 kids and she weighs 250 lbs. more than what she did in high school. She was also single….(Guess I’m the Winner)

We wore uniforms in public school

We wore uniforms in public school

All of a sudden, that was not important. I was too excited about the good times. I flashed back to the memories of everything that I had experienced in the early 90’s when I was in high school. I thought about the football games, hanging out with my friends, the lunch room drama, the fights, the dances and all that other stuff we do in high school. Thanks to Facebook, I have had a high school reunion. Now sing the school song!!!


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