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You aint Bad…You Aint Nothing!!

Some people want to pretend that they are  like Master P would say, “bout it, bout it,” and they are as cold-hearted as  Marlo Stansfield from HBO’s “The Wire.”  However, the reality is while there are people in the world who will throw down at the drop of a hat, there are still a large majority of people who would not throw rice at a Chinese wedding. I am not knocking non-violent people, because I am a non-violent person myself. I have been around long enough to know we are all not built to be Kimbo Slice or Tupac. My problem is when I see people perpetrating like they Dough Boy, and then not doing nothing.

Do you know someone in your family or circle of friends that talk a lot of smack about fighting and don’t do nothing? They make a big ass scene  in public and then fall backwards on somebody in the crew saying, ” Don’t hold me, Don’t hold me!” Then they get in the car and say, “Man, I was about to whip his ass!”

It’s not becuase they just like  being in the drama, I realized this is a defense mechanism too. The art of the non-fighting trash talker is the ability to bluff your way out of a physical altercation, by verbally intimidating your opponent. This is done mainly for show and in many cases, because the person really can’t or won’t fight.

Now as an adult, I don’t condone fighting over frivolous things, but if you are going to set it off, just do it. You don’t have to make a proclamation about it. There’s nothing worse than seeing a guy talking trash in his DMX voice, then getting his brakes beat off or his cord pulled. I recently witnessed shit talking at its finest recenlty and I just had to write something about it.

I was playing basketball at the gym the other day and these two guys started arguing about a foul called during a pick-up game. The older white guy called a foul on the black guy and the brother turned into Debo and threatened to kick the white guy’s ass for even insinuating that he committed a foul. Before it got too crazy, all the fellas stepped in and broke up the faux scuffle.  The white guy did not seem to be scared, he brushed it off  and tried to take the ball out and keep playing, but my brother did not want to let it go….He went on and on about where he was from and how he was the realist triple O.G. #1 in the fitness center…Yes, we were playing at a fitness center. It’s not like we were in the hood at Stallings Park or something, we was in a National fitness center chain complete with a Café, health spa, and Yoga classes. I’m not too sure he would have been as bold in the hood. But in the suburbs, he thought he was Big Meech, Larry Hoover….(Rick Ross Song) This dude was acting like we were in Angola State Penitentiary on the prison yard playing for our respect. He continued to give us the rundown on his criminal pedigree, and because of it, we should not mess with him. “He was from the street; he did too much dirt in his past.” It made me mad, because I hate when people talk trash; especially when aint no action behind it. A lot of time they do it, because they think they have an advantage. He knew the white guy was not going to fight him. So, he gassed himself up. He was like Mad Dog on Good Times trying to punk J.J. Evans.

You know there are different types of trash talkers, but in most cases, the trash talking is to cover up the fact that they are not as bout it as they say they are. It’s actually kind of funny to listen to. This guy was a “Past Trash” talker. He was talking about things he been through to let us know that he did not play. The way he was running it down, he should have either been in jail for life, or a millionaire. Like he really shot and stabbed people on the regular….C’mon son. We d on’t believe you, you need more people….

After we broke them up again, this dude was still running his mouth as we ran up and down the court until he stopped play again to talk to all of us. He grabbed the ball at half court and declared,” The next dude that fouls me, is gonna get punched in the face…” We all were laughing, because he was basically threatening everybody, except me and the other three dudes that was on his team. He went to calling out his gang name and how he could have one of his crews come in a help him handle his business….Negro please!

Before anyone else could say anything, one of the other black guys on the opposite team could not take it anymore, he jump in the self proclaimed triple O.G.’s  face and said, “Who you gonna hit?” I guess he calls himself being the hero, but all of us were thinking the same thing. The other white guys on the court were looking scared like, “oh shit, the black guys are gonna throw down O.G. style.”

I wasn’t scared of this clown. If a guy really wanted to do something, it would have happened already. I was just embarrassed for him. He looked like an ass.  Why my people always got to be the ones ruining the good time at group activities…

I just wanted to play ball. All the white guys were looking at me like, “Do something Obama!” Before you knew it, the black dudes were pacing with each other shoulder to shoulder in a circle saying, “Do something… do something…swing….. nah you swing…” It was pathetic. This was how we did it in elementary school. I was waiting for someone to knock a twig off someone’s shoulder.

You know what’s worse than a dude talking noise? Its two dudes talking noise to each other. They are (1) trying to bluff each other into believing they are hard, and (2) trying to convince the white people on the court that black guys keep it hood no matter where we are. The truth of the matter is if one of them really wanted to fight, it would have happened without the dramatic scene. I think I even heard someone say,” just fight already, damn!”

After a few more minutes of the drama, everyone else quit and left them on the court arguing. They messed up the game for everybody. At this point I was mad. I felt like, I wanted to see some type of action now that they ruined the game.

I don’t want to generalize, but I felt like this guy was under the impression that people were going to be intimidated by him, because he was a big black guy with tattoos. (You know there is nothing scarier than a big black guy with tattoos…LOL.) Actually there is….TWO big black guys with tattoos! (Joking). Nobody cared about this dude or his ranting. He actually pissed people off by talking so much.

The irony is most of the hardest dudes in the world hardly ever said a word before they got someone. Jason on Friday the 13th just walked down the street and chopped your ass up. The monkey man from the movie The Golden Child couldn’t talk, he just choked you with his chain.  Now I know that there are exceptions to every stereotype. Mohammed Ali talked noise and backed it up, Scarface talked shit, and Fred Sanford talked about giving people a fat lip, but we are talking about the everyday average Joe.  Most of the real bout it averae Joe’s in the world don’t waste time giving you a speech about what they are going to do. When you wake up in the hospital three days later, you usually find out he/she whupped your ass.

Also as a side note, black people aren’t the only people that talk trash either.  All people do it. It’s a part of some people’s human  nature. It’s just more evident in black people, because we do it so well. We can paint you a picture of what we can do to you.  You are psyched out before anything happens. I remember my mother told me as a kid that she would stomp a mud-hole in my ass if I went outside while she was at work. Now I had no clue of what a mud-hole was, but I had no doubts she could do it. I envisioned her stomping me in my mind and it hurt. So needless to say, i did not go out. This is what some people use to their advantage. If I can convince you that I’m not to be played with, I get the glory even if I don’t touch you. That’s wack to me.

Handle your business when you have to, but stop talking noise, especially if  you aint gonna do jack!



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My Thoughts on 2010…. and Tiger Woods.

I know that I have been gone for a minute, but I am back in full – effect. I had some issues to take care of over the past few months but like Jay Z said, “I just thugged my way my through,” and now I have more time to write again. I had to make a stand just like Michael Evans did win the Jr. Warlords tried to punk him on Good Times.

So much has happened in the past few months, and I have so many topics that I want to write about, I don’t know where to start. So, I am just going to catch up on a few things that have happened in the news that I have opinions about.

Here are some of my random thoughts and opinions:

Gilbert Arenas Avoids Jail

Suspended NBA star Gilbert Arenas was sentenced to two years of supervised probation Friday for bringing guns into his team’s locker room.

He also is to serve 30 days in a halfway house. He will be required to serve 400 hours of community service and contribute $5,000 to a fund for victims of violence.

I am glad this dude did not go to prison. He is not a threat to society. He may be dumb as hell, but not a menace to society like some people are trying to paint him.

What is up with all of these celebrity and athletes catching gun charges? If you got more than $10 million dollars in the bank, hire a body-guard. Also, why do they act like they cannot register their guns? They can buy 24 inch spinning rims, but can’t get a gun permit? GTFOH!

Since we are on this topic, I also think they should free Plaxico Burress. Stupidity without hurting anyone should not require a jail sentence.

 Healthcare Reform Passed

I have no immediate feelings about recently passed healthcare reform bill itself yet. However, I do applaud President Obama for having the endurance to pass any legislation amidst all of the opposition he faced, which in some cases had nothing to do with the bill itself. It’s really because he is what the tea party calls a “Socialist” (African-American)

For the simple fact that the bill is over 2700 pages long, I am willing to bet that NOBODY has read the bill in its entirety, so a lot of the drama around it is pure speculation and hateration. 

While I am sure that I could find something that I disagree with in the 2700+ pages of manuscript, it seemed that the Republicans were just hell bent on preventing the President and his Democratic majority from passing anything.

Once I educate myself a little more, I will have a better opinion on the details. What I do know after having a baby last year, something had to change. I spent too much money to on stuff that they gave to ILLEGAL immigrants for free. I am not hating on them, but when an Aspirin is $80.00, something aint right.

Two words: Unity Please?

 EarthQuake in Haiti

This earthquake was a terrible disaster and my heart goes out to all of the victims in Haiti. It’s a messed up situation and I wish them all the best in rebuilding their country and their lives.

Now I know I am going to tick some people off, but I am going to say what I am sure a lot of people have been thinking. Haiti is always going to be a slum and they are not going to rebuild it. …. Rebuild it to what? It was the poorest country in the western hemisphere and it is going to stay that way. Coca-Cola is not coming to build plants there; they are not getting a Wal-Mart or a Ford plant. Puh-leaase. I wish instead of just buying tents and buckets to get water for people to gather out of make shift wells, that someone came up with a plan to modernize the place and help build a better future for the country. I would love to see Haiti get new schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

People are donating all kinds of money and most of it is going into rich peoples’ pockets.  I am positive that the infrastructure there will still look like shit five years from now. I just read an article that Wyclef Jean (Mr. Haiti himself) gave some money from his charity for Haitian relief to his lil jump off. If he is doing that, that’s terrible.

Now let’s not get it twisted, there are people helping and making a difference, but after this is not the top newsheadline, people are gonna to forget about this disaster.

As for now, people have tried to do all they could. They have held telethons and they have even re-recorded “We are the World” with Lil Wayne singing on autotune and everything, but Haiti still looks like…well….Haiti.

They keep saying that the world won’t forget about Haiti, but just look in our own backyard: Is there a new World Trade Center up yet in New York City? Think about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. Is the 9th ward back on and poppin’

Haiti was being messed over long before the earthquake and just like hurricane Katrina did New Orleans, it just exposed a lot of ills that the rest of the world forgot about or never cared to know.

Monique Wins an Oscar

Congratulations to Monique on her Oscar……but is it me or does a black woman got to play a role as a crack-head whore or an incestuous ghetto baby momma pedophile to win an academy award in Hollywood? That’s garbage, because actresses like Angela Bassett and Oprah Winfrey have played excellent roles in movies like The Color Purple and What’s Love Got to do With It, but did not win.

Don’t give me that jive about Jennifer Hudson either. She was still a loud uneducated ghetto baby momma too in Dreamgirls, she just could sing.

They say it’s about the performance, but to me it’s more about the negative image that they are portraying.They are  giving awards for these sisters playing the stereotype.

Tiger Woods

Just play golf bruh! You are not the first or last adulterer in this world. As long as you did not bang some woman during the nationally televised broadcast of the Masters, you don’t owe the media an explanation about your personal life. You are not perfect (duh); neither are the people judging you. Keep it moving….

By the way, you’re not a sex addict…you’re a man! People are always trying to run to rehab for something. What type of rehab is out there for a man (with millions and fame) who likes to have sex with willing, women. What do you do in rehab, besides practice abstinence and dream about the day you get out, so you can get some?

Using drugs is not a normal activity, drinking is not a normal everyday activity, but sex is a natural biological function. How are you going rehab from that? Can you make a lion a vegetarian?

Lil Wayne Goes to Jail

Another celebrity with a gun charge. Youuuungg Muula Baabyy!

Seriously though, I don’t wish prison on nobody. Period. I just hope Lil Wayne has a positive message for all these youngsters and old ass adult youngsters that are looking up to him.

You are not a thug, you’re an artist. You went to McMain homey. Stay up!

American Idol is Garbage

This has to be the worst installment of this show ever. I am more than sure this will be the last go around for American Idol.  Paula ans Simon will be gone and Ellen should not ever judge musical talent again.

I guess all the aspiring R&B and Alternative artists I know in the United States were not qualified to go to Hollywood, but the average Joe-Shmo is on TV every night trying to become the next American Idol. Shucks, I think I could have made it through this year.

I definitely think my homey Eli would have went through:

I am sure that everyone in a city where they had auditions is like, “damn I should have taken off work that day to go audition for the show.”

These singers are trash and not only that, they are voting off the most decent ones out the group. It’s like you are choosing the best from the worst. If you had to choose a wife out of Weezy Jefferson, Florida Evans, and Harriet Winslow, wouldn’t you be mad as hell if they eliminated Harriet Winslow?

This was the best thing that happened on American Idol this year.

Reggie Bush Leaves Kim Kardashian

The only ring Reggie is interested in is the ring he won in Miami. Kim is not wifey material, she’s only nightly material. Can you see her being a mother and raising a family? She is actually not a celebrity to me. She’s just a pretty woman who dates famous men.

Celebrity couples are given too much credit anway. They don’t have more meaningful relationships than us regular folks, nor are they role models for “average couples.” They are just like us with more money. Some people act like celebrity relationships are these magical unions that are suppose to end in marriage. It seems more like these celebrity relationships end in either a scandal, a reality show or herpes.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

The Marine Corps’ top officer says he would want to avoid housing gay and heterosexual Marines in the same rooms on base if the ban on gays openly serving in the military is lifted.

I say, it does not matter. They are thousands of homosexuals serving in the military today and it’s not a big deal. There is a gay soldier today in the barracks sleeping right next to a straight soldier. So what? Do they think if they make separate barracks that the gay guys are going to have pink Hello Kitty sheets on the beds and that they are going to wear lavender army fatigues with skinny leg pants?

If they are that bent out of shape, why not separate the troops by race again, or religion. Maybe the Muslim soldiers can become a new suicide bomber unit.. (Sarcasm)

I just think that the military has more important things to worry about.

Truth be told, I support all of our American soldiers who volunteer and put their life on the line for the rest of us scary, fat, lazy, or uninterested Americans who wouldn’t go to war even if they were drafted by Obama himself.

If I was kidnapped by the taliban on the way to the store or attacked by a foreign force, and a group of U.S. soldiers  jumped from a helicopter to save me, I am not going to stop the guys and say, “excuse me, are you gay? I only want straight men to save my life.”

You got a whole bunch of straight people that wouldn’t even help you fix a flat tire on the highway. I say leave them alone.

I’ll be back in a week with a new original topic……Holla!



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The Saints are 12 N.O. – I have waited all my life for a season like this…

I have been a New Orleans Saints fan my entire life. Not the type of fan that jumps on the band wagon when they are winning and jumps off when they lose, but the type of fan that stuck with the team after Mike Ditka mortgaged a decade of draft picks for Ricky Williams. If it weren’t for hurricane Katrina, I would still have my 5-0 Cha-ching T-shirt.

Being born and raised in New Orleans, the Saints were the only team I followed in professional football. My father was so much of a fan; you would have thought he was on of the owners. Instead of church on Sunday, The Saints games were the only thing that would guarantee that my entire family would spend a day together. The Saints were part of the family. As an adult, my work week would be a good one or a bad one based on whether the Saints won their game.

I remember watching the games with all my cousins on Sunday afternoon with a plate of red beans in my lap sitting Indian-style front of the television. It was funny hearing the adult s in my family cursing and complaining about the game.

I watched my father and uncles throw beers and chicken bones at the screen in disgust every time the Saints would screw up. The game also came with full ghetto commentary from my uncle Steven and my pops. You could get a full injury report, game strategy, play by-play from my people. I also learned the entire history of the franchise by listening to my father and uncles tell the stories of how we picked who and what Tom Benson (the owner) was doing wrong with the team. The kids never asked questions, because the adults would get frustrated and kick us out of the living room.

The Dome Patrol:

After the Saints games were over, I used to go outside to play football in the street with my friends wearing my Bobby Hebert jersey, only to be laughed at and ridiculed by some of my friends who had sold out for a Joe Montana’s or Jerry Rice’s 49ers jersey. In spite of the dynasty the 49ers were at the time, I still thought the Saints were the best team. After all, they were the Saints. I thought that Dalton Hilliard was the best Running back to ever play and Rickey Jackson was better than Lawrence Taylor.  I used to stick up for the Saints when they lost and make excuses for them like most people do for their cousin that’s always going back and forth to prison for various crimes. I used to say, “We need a quarterback, we have a hard schedule, the refs cheated (my favorite).”

 In 1988, the Saints were playing extremely well and made it to the playoffs for the first time and played the Minnesota Vikings. The Saints were a whopping 12-3 that year and we looked unstoppable. After leading the game 10 to zero, the Vikings went on a roll and beat us 44-10. I was devastated. Vikings Wide-Receiver Anthony Carter returned a punt for a touchdown and caught a Hail-Mary touchdown pass. (The irony of a guy catching a Hail-Mary on the Saints…Whose side was Mary on?) My dad almost broke our television that day…I remember him saying a statement that would forever ring in my head,” Same ole’ Saints”….I would use that statement for the next 15 years.

In spite of all of that, when I became a teenager, I still rooted for the Saints. I remained faithful through the Ditka years, and as an adult, I have rooted through the hot/cold Haslett years, and the current Payton administration.

 A lot of my friends fell off to support the Cowboys and the Patriots etc.

Then in 2005 the unthinkable happened. Hurricane Katrina tore a hole through the Superdome and flooded my city, forcing me to move to Maryland. Living between D.C. and Baltimore, people would ask me, “So are you a Skins fan or a Ravens fan?” With pride, I would show them my Saints baseball cap, screen saver from my phone, Saints engraved door keys, tie-pin,  Saints logo debit card or the Drew Brees or Joe Horn (Remember him) Jersey I owned. People laughed and said, “the Saints suck!” Well being from New Orleans you know I had to respond, “No Yo’ momma sucks.”

 Anyway, I knew that we would not fair well in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Katrina and Aaron Brooks still at quarterback. I still supported the Saints and counted the season as a rebuilding year. Oh man did we rebuild, something magical happened in 2006. We got a new coach (Sean Payton) a good quarterback (Drew Brees) and a guy named Bush (Reggie Bush) that wasn’t from Texas. The team looked great and was kickin’ you know what and I thought to myself, whoo-hooo!! We are finally going to win the big one. All of these years of disappointment will be worth it by winning the Super Bowl. However, it was our time, lost the NFC championship to the Bears. “Same ole Saints”

 The Saints could take you high as a kite like your first love and then leave you feeling disappointed like a kid whose father did not show up to their recital. Heart attack, aneurism, and depression were some of the things I experienced over the last 30 years on a frequent basis, but for some reason I could never give up on them. I always believed that our time would come.

Does anyone remember the River City Relay in Jacksonville?

Supporting them was like the family car you never want to get rid of. Sure the car has its problems, but you have too many good memories with it and it has done too much for your family.  Also, you always saw the potential in the car and what it could be, so instead of trading it in for another model, you rebuilt the engine, and threw some 20’ spinners on it, with a coat of black & gold candy paint.

I still love the Saints, like a woman loves her baby daddy, like a fat kid loves vanilla ice-cream on his chocolate cake, like Bobby Brown likes getting arrested, like Tiger Woods loves white women.

Currently, the Saints are playing great football and are 12-0 for the first time ever in life and are looking like Super Bowl contenders. They also are not falling victim to the pitfalls and bone-head plays that long time fans are accustomed to.

This season is special, but I personally don’t care about all the undefeated mess, I just want us to get home field and continuously get better as the season winds down. Now if we happen to go undefeated in the process cool, but let’s not call the season a failure if we do lose one. The goal is to be the champs.

I wrote this, because this past Sunday against the Washington Redskins, the Saints gave me heart palpitations, because I got caught up. The way they were playing against the Redskins took me back to 1988, “Same ole Saints.” As the Saints were on the doorstep of their first loss I began to complain to my wife saying, “We blew out the Dolphins, Stomp the Eagles, Ruin the Giants and embarrass the Patriots, and then lose to the Redskins?” In my mind, that is what I was used to. The Saints building you up, and then as soon as you start to believe the hype, they let you down. But just like any other family member you have, whether they are graduating from high school or flunking out they are still family and you still support them.

Here I was about to condemn my team for losing a single game that would have made them 11 and 1. (Wow unhappy with 11 and 1? We have become spoiled)

 These may not be the “Same Ole Saints” in terms of their talent, attitude and potential, but these are the same ole Saints I have been rooting for my whole life, these are the same ole Saints that brought my family together, these are the same ole Saints that could have left and went to San Antonio, but stayed in a desolate city to support the fans who love them. (Thanks Tom Benson)

 So no matter how the rest of the season goes, this is my team and I am sticking with them win, lose or draw. I loved the 3-13 Saints, the Dome Patrol Saints, the Cha-ching Saints, the Katrina Saints, and the lost to the Bears in the NFC Championship Saints, and the undefeated 2009 Saints. I will just make sure to take an Aspirin before each game from here on out…..Geaux Saints!!!


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NFL Prediction Week 4: Jets Crash in the Superdome, Saints Win


My beloved team will go into their bye week  undefeated at 4-0, because they are my team. I had my doubts earlier today, but I realize that I was trippin.’

Lets look just look at the rundown:


The Saints are without starting pro bowl tackle, Jamal Brown. He is the guy that protects Drew Bree’s blind side. He is being replaced by a rookie. That is like letting Lil Zane replace Jay Z on “Swagga Like Us.”  That alone spells trouble for the pass protection. To make matters worse, Mike Bell is out again, and Pierre Thomas is not 100%. So Regina Bush, will be called upon to run the rock. Lance Moore is also probrable this week. That possibly eliminates another passing option form Brees. Moore is like our Wes Welker (Patriots).

Now on to the Saints Omens, for starters, the Saints are favored by everybody & they momma to win this game. That is never good for us. Being the underdog suits our team well. Didn’t’ you see what happened when the world gave us forty against the Bills? We didn’t really start scoring until the 4th quarter.

With all that going against New Orleans, the Jets just don’t have the fire power to hang with the Saints. We just can’t make dumb mistakes. As a long time Saints fan, I remember wanting to throw a brick into my television after watching some of the silly mistakes we would make. I feel good about this season though. This team seems to have it together.


The Jets have their two starting cornerbacks out, but the D-line will exploit our rookie like they used to do Beacher on the HBO series Oz. Count on Brees throwing at least three bombs on them.

The Jets have no pressure, because they are going on the road and nobody expects them to win.

The X  factor is that I am not sold on Sanchez yet. The Saint will force him into a few interceptions.

I think the game will be close and a few bad plays will decide the game in the end. The defenses are playing too good for it to be a shoot out.

SAINTS 37, Jets 24

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NFL Prediction Week 3: SAINTS Kill BILLS

Lions Saints Football

According to my NFL preseason prediction for the New Orleans SAINTS, things are going as planned. Brees is doing his thing and the defense is holding their end of the bargain. Finally ESPN is starting to take notice. This week we got the Buffalo Bills and although it’s not December, they are slated to have bad weather that day in Buffalo, so we can kiss the forty point streak good-bye.

People are calling Drew Brees the modern day Dan Marino, but I disagree…He is much shorter. What I do think is that this is the last call for alcohol in terms of a Super Bowl run for New Orleans. If head coach Sean Payton does not bring us to the promise land this year, that’s a wrap. Then Brees will be Dan Marino Jr., let’s just hope the SAINTS don’t get “Ray Finkled.” I am sure we will “Kills the Bills,” but there are a few things that make me nervous.


Areas of Concern:

 Running back Mike Bell is hurt and won’t be playing this week. That concerns me, because Pierre Thomas is not healthy either, which means we’ll have to give more touches to Reggie Bitch, I mean Bush.

 Lance Moore is out, but we are good at wide-out. I just don’t like the idea of Brees not having one of his primary weapons. It’s like being the Power Rangers and not having the Blue Ranger. You can still kick ass, but you can’t turn into the big robot without him.

 Buffalo’s running back Fred Jackson scares me a little. If he gets going, they’ll be able to set up the play-action with T.O., and then we’ll really have problems.

 The weather may also take some air out of the long passing game. It is suppose to rain and be very windy. That means difficulty throwing the long ball and kicking field goals. The team that makes the least mistakes will win this ugly game. The Saints are the better team, so barring a bad Brees day, the Saints will win.

SAINTS 27 BILLS 23 – – – SAINTS go 3-0!!!

Here is a tribute song to the New Orleans Saints.

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Plaxico Going to Jail for Too Long

Stay Up Homey!

Stay Up Homey!

NFL Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress has begun serving his two-year sentence after an incident that occurred in November at Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan, where Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh. He was not licensed to carry a concealed weapon, in New York and his Florida permit had expired six months prior.

A la` Michael Vick, Plax has turned in his No. 17 for a new number: 09-R-3260. He reported to Rikers Island for processing, and then he was transferred to Ulster Correctional Facility in Napanoch, New York.

Now I know that most people are sick and tired of athletes getting arrested for doing dumb things. Every time you turn on the news, some millionaire athlete has had a run in with the law that is avoidable in most cases. These NFL and NBA players get arrested more than Bobby Brown and DMX put together.

I am not taking up for poor decision making, my beef is with the punishment. I don’t think the punishment always fits the crime. Like people sitting in jail for unpaid parking tickets. If I am locked up for thirty 30 days, how can I pay the court?

Plaxico was sentenced to two years in prison for carrying an unlicensed gun and shooting himself. It sounds silly hearing that, but that’s what happened. He did not try to ride on some dudes that played for the Redskins or something, he shot himself. That’s like trying to commit suicide and being charged with attempted murder.

Let’s be serious, Plax was barely a threat on the football field, let alone to society.  O-dog was a menace to society, the D.C. Sniper was a menace to society, Macy Gray is a menace to society, not some tall lanky dude named Plaxico. You got drunken dudes running people over in their cars and killing them, and only getting a month of jail time. (Cleveland Browns Receiver, Donte Stallworth). I know guys who have done far worse things and gotten less time. Armed robbers and killers have gotten less time. Maybe if he would have shot someone else, and had some crack in his pocket, he would have gotten off with probation.

Another question is why didn’t anyone from the club get indicted? They knew he was packing the gat, and let him in the club anyway. Doesn’t that make the club owner an accomplice?4d6471f6173d6278

At the most, Plax should have done 60 days in jail. The city of New York should have made him perform community service, talk to some at risk kids, or pick up trash on the highway like Chris Brown is doing now. He was already suspended from the NFL, and he looks like the thing from a nightmare before Christmas, so he didn’t have any endorsement deals to lose.

 To make matters worse, he has 3-year-old son and a pregnant wife. He is going to miss the birth of his next kid. They may not even know him when he gets out. It’ll be like on the movie “The Color Purple” when Cielie kids came back from Africa to meet her for the first time. That’s messed up.

The good news is that he is in a single cell. Does anyone remember that HBO show OZ? Nobody should want to go to jail after watching that. The media is reporting that he will be assigned to a single cell apart from the general population at his request. Smart move homey. I would have done the same thing. He may have dropped some passes in his career, but nobody wants to have to worry about him dropping the soap.

 I am surprised more people have not spoken out about this. Now I usually don’t’ agree with “big perm” jumping on news stories to get his shine on, but I had to agree with his sentiment on this one.

Reverend Al Sharpton expressed his outrage over the two-year-sentence Burress received. He said, “I think it is an unusually harsh sentence for someone who was his own victim. He should be punished but his sentence is way out of proportion with the crime. Celebrities should not be given special treatment but they should not be given exceptional punishments either.”

(Just like they did Michael Vick, but let’s not even go there…)

After he is released, the next phase will be to figure out who will sign him. Maybe the Eagles or the Cowboys will sign him.

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Cavs’ Delonte West arrested in Maryland

At least it's not Kanye West.

At least it's not Kanye West.

How many athletes need to get arrested before they get the point? Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West was arrested Thursday after officers pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle while carrying two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun in a guitar case. West was released on his own recognizance early Friday.

This guy can ball. I actually like Delonte’s game, but I think he was taking the term “run & gun” a little too literally. This fool was riding a Can-Am Spyder motorcycle north on the Capital Beltway in Upper Marlboro, Maryland when he cut off an officer, who pulled him over. Police said a handgun was found in his pocket, another in his pant leg and a shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back.

First of all, you’re not Batman or Antonio Banderas, why do you have a shotgun, in a guitar case….on a motorcycle? Then you cut off a cop in while speeding in traffic? He had better been on his way to fight crime or something, because other than that, how can you justify having 3 guns on a bike?

I bet Lebron is pissed, because his team is not looking good as a unit right now. They picked up old, washed up Shaq, Boobie is wide open with R&B singer Keisha Cole, the coach was outcoached by Stan Van Gundy last year, and now Delonte pulled a 3-fold Plaxico Burris. (All signs point to Lebron leaving for New York.)

I hope Delonte beats going to jail though. Give him a few fines, have the league suspend him for a few games, and more importantly, let him go talk to some kids about how not to make the mistake he made.

Pretty soon we are going to have a prison league for the NBA & NFL.

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What’s the “Old School”?

Old School Chillin'

Old School Chillin'

I was driving down to my sister’s house with my seventeen year-old nephew and T-Pain’s song “Buy you a Drink” came on and he said, “Man. T-Pain is killing it with his auto-tune sound. Now everybody is trying to use it since he started this new trend.” I almost ran the red light when I heard him say that. I was like, “Trend? T-Pain is not the first person to use that sound. Does the name Roger Troutman or Zapp mean anything to you?” He shook his head as if I asked him what the capital of Tibet was.

When we got to my sister house, I let him listen to “Computer Love” and he said he had never heard that song before in his life. I was trying to explain to the little whipper-snapper that auto-tune was created from the vocoder or voice-box Troutman used over 20 years ago. I then went on to explain how I first heard the song when I was at a sock hop in junior high school. He did not know what a sock hop was either.

The Originator? Not!

The Originator? Not!

I suddenly realized that (1) I am getting old; and (2) this new generation knows absolutely nothing about the old school. How did that happen? As the ambassadors of everything old school, how did we drop the ball and subject our children to this watered down, carbon copy, crack version of our cultures and way of life?

That got me to thinking, when we say “back in the days” or “old school,” what do we really mean? My definition is the way things used to be when kids grew up hard in the cut and had to do things manually. I am talking about neighborhood culture, tradition and experiences every kid had to go through as a right of passage. I remember not wanting to fight a bully on my block who was picking on me and my dad made me go out and fight or face the consequences of his wrath and the emotional scar of shaming my family name. When I still did not want to fight, because it did not want to throw the first punch, someone put a twig on my shoulder and dared the bully to knock it off. Well, I got my ass whipped that day, but I had his respect. I earned it.

Kids nowadays don’t respect anything. A neighborhood scuffle today would result in a homicide. So I understand the risks, but when did the hood turn so cold towards the kids it was helping to raise? We have gone from “It takes a Village” to “Snitches get Stitches.” Back in the day there was a code that everyone stuck to. The hood was hard core, but people followed the rules.

I-pod Touch

I-pod Touch

Technology and laws against children getting whuppins have changed a lot of things. There was no I -pod back in the days, you had to put a cassette in the stereo and wait all day for your favorite songs to come on to record it. That was how you made a playlist. Who coming up in the 60’s-80’s could stay outside after the street lights came on? Nobody. That’s why you never heard about kids & teenagers getting shot at night back then. There was also no internet, if you had a paper to write, you had to go to the……..Library. You had to search for the book you needed in a file box of index cards called a card catalog, walk to where the book is, check the book out or photo copy the pages on a copy machine, then go home and highlight your notes with a marker. Nowadays, the kids can google whatever they need.

Do kids even play outside anymore? All the girls I grew up with were fine in high school, because when they were kids, they were out jumping rope, roller skating and hula-hooping. Now twelve year olds are playing double-dutch on their X-box 360. When they gain too much weight, they ask for the gastric bypass surgery. Boys would rather play John Madden football instead of going to the sandlot and playing tackle football with their friends. I would die if my friends were outside playing and I could not go. I remember being outside playing for 15 hours straight on Saturdays. You know if you came back inside you would have to stay, so you pee’d in the bushes and drank water from the water hose outside. I also kept a pocket full of Now & Laters in case I got hungry.

The media has also helped change things for the bad. TV, radio, and movies have become so lame, basic and repetitive. Reality TV has replaced good television shows; most of the movies that come either have no real plot, have rappers playing all the real roles or is a remake of something that used to be good back in the day. (G.I. Joe, Transformers, X-Men, Iron-Man, Alvin & the Chipmunks, etc). I could write another article about the music alone. The music piece bothers me more than anything else in the media, because Puffy can get credit for a Temptations song.

Kids today don’t go pass 1994. I was trying to explain to a kid in my office that the Power Rangers were nothing but a re-make of the 80’s cartoon “Voltron” remember that? 

Voltron Baby!

Voltron Baby!

Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not hating on the kids or the advantages that our kids have today due to technology and what the next generation will have in the future, but I think a lot of these conveniences have made our children soft and in some cases very lazy and unappreciative. Kids are getting things too easily and don’t have to work for anything, therefore their value for the culture and the grind of growing up is very shallow or non-existent. Coming up like we did back in the day built character. Each generation gave back to the next, and we were all better people for it. Something went terribly wrong somewhere.

The only way to fix it is to start indoctrinating the kids with old school culture before it is too late. We need to tell our childhood stories to our kids. Let them listen to our old school music. Give them some history. Tell them how you overcame the obstacles, tell the about how you had to write your friend a real letter on paper and mail it. Let them hear Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind & Fire. It’s not too late.

What do you remember from the “Old School?”


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Taking One for the Team

With These Last Two Dollars

With These Last Two Dollars

Miami Heat basketball operations employees have accepted up to a 20 percent pay cut in order to avoid layoffs. That is what I call taking one for the team. The cuts affect everyone in the department, including team president Pat Riley, head coach Erik Spoelstra, assistant coaches, scouts and others. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel first reported the salary reduction in its Tuesday editions. You know who aint taking no pay cut though…the players. I aint talking about the league minimum dudes, I am talking about Dwayne Wade and Jermaine O’Neal who can both afford to take a small cut to make sure the water boy and the dudes that buff the court at night can still have a job, right? We had a guy in the IT department where I work who was about to be laid off and his department all forfeited 5K to save his job. That is some real stuff right there? In real life, who would take a pay cut to keep lil Earl & them working in the mailroom? I asked myself the same question and I think that depending on the person, I would.

Here is the order in which I would base my decision:

1. The IT dude/woman that fixes everything

2. The finest woman in the office.

3. The lady that makes all the cookies and rice crispy treats

4. My best friend at work

5. The bootleg dude in the office

Hustle Man

Hustle Man

Here are the people I would not help:

1. The Office Snitch

2. The dude that always be lying in the office about what he do outside of work

3. The dude/woman that think they know everything

4. The only person in front of me for a promotion Gotta Go!

Who would you take a pay cut for? Would you let your colleague get fired or give up a few stacks?

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Serena Williams….Calm Down..You too big!!!


I feel bad for Serena even though she went off this weekend.

We have all played sports and had somebody cheated on us at a critical time, right? Dudes do it all the time at the gym where I play pick-up ball. You know how they do; they don’t give you a call, even after they slapped the number off your Jersey and scratched “Thug Life” on your forehead. They say, “I aint foul you dog, I got all ball.” Then when you score game point on them, they say they fouled you and want you to take the ball out. I hate that ish and sometimes, it does make you wanna fight, especially when it causes you to lose.

I know that tempers run high during sports, adrenaline is kicking and in professional sports, money is on the line, but sometimes you gotta pick your battles. Serena’s blow up was a prime example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

Serena got sooo mad after a bad call, she threaten to shove the ball down the judges throat. Serena baby, you look like you could really do that, you are too cock-diesel to be threatening people who are already scared of you. Serena is like Kimbo Slice with no beard and a butt with a Hemi. (In my Austin Powers voice) She’s a man ba-by! (Kidding)

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

She definitely showed that she was from Compton; she should have called the judge a mark-ass-buster before she walked off. Venus should have snuck the judge for Serena or hit her with them a bag of those beads they used to wear. (Remember those Stevie Wonder beads they used to wear?) You know that is how they used to win their matches right? The beads would fall out and trip their opponents. Now they are just raw. They are winning with man-like strength through hydraulic propulsion from their booty muscles. Venus got a V8, but Serena got a V12 with extra torque and some NOS from the “Fast & the Furious.”

So not only was she penalized to the point where she lost the match, she was hit with a $10,000 fine by the U.S. Open for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Now she has to wait to see if she is to be banned from future Grand Slam tournaments following her controversial outburst at the U.S. Open. They already don’t want her there to begin with, because her and her sisters always end up playing each other in the finals.

 Shoot, they might as well let them play the champions at home together on the Nintendo Wii. The tennis world would lose millions, but we would still have the real champ.


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