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NFL Prediction Week 4: Jets Crash in the Superdome, Saints Win


My beloved team will go into their bye week  undefeated at 4-0, because they are my team. I had my doubts earlier today, but I realize that I was trippin.’

Lets look just look at the rundown:


The Saints are without starting pro bowl tackle, Jamal Brown. He is the guy that protects Drew Bree’s blind side. He is being replaced by a rookie. That is like letting Lil Zane replace Jay Z on “Swagga Like Us.”  That alone spells trouble for the pass protection. To make matters worse, Mike Bell is out again, and Pierre Thomas is not 100%. So Regina Bush, will be called upon to run the rock. Lance Moore is also probrable this week. That possibly eliminates another passing option form Brees. Moore is like our Wes Welker (Patriots).

Now on to the Saints Omens, for starters, the Saints are favored by everybody & they momma to win this game. That is never good for us. Being the underdog suits our team well. Didn’t’ you see what happened when the world gave us forty against the Bills? We didn’t really start scoring until the 4th quarter.

With all that going against New Orleans, the Jets just don’t have the fire power to hang with the Saints. We just can’t make dumb mistakes. As a long time Saints fan, I remember wanting to throw a brick into my television after watching some of the silly mistakes we would make. I feel good about this season though. This team seems to have it together.


The Jets have their two starting cornerbacks out, but the D-line will exploit our rookie like they used to do Beacher on the HBO series Oz. Count on Brees throwing at least three bombs on them.

The Jets have no pressure, because they are going on the road and nobody expects them to win.

The X  factor is that I am not sold on Sanchez yet. The Saint will force him into a few interceptions.

I think the game will be close and a few bad plays will decide the game in the end. The defenses are playing too good for it to be a shoot out.

SAINTS 37, Jets 24

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Vick Gets Shoe Deal with Nike: “Air Haters”


A story hit the sport wires (ESPN, Fox News,, etc) regarding Michael Vick getting a new endorsement deal with Nike. The news spread quicker than Nola Darling in Spike Lee’s movie, She’s Gotta Have It. Almost immediately on every blog site, I was reading comments from people bashing Nike, saying that they are never buying Nike products ever again in life, because Nike is supporting a person that has done despicable things to dogs and has no morals. images0000

Now I am not condoning what the Vick did, because he was wrong, but when are people going to move on? People are still fighting Pit Bulls today. There is a dog fighting magazine and P.E.T.A. is not in full force like they were behind Vick trying to stop it. Last time I checked, Vick does live in the United States of America, which means he had his day in court and was judged and sentenced according to the law of this great country. He was sentenced, did almost 2 years in the State Penitentiary, and lost hundreds of millions of dollars, filed bankruptcy and was suspended from the NFL…Enough already.

At first, I applauded Nike for giving him a second chance at success. He should be able to make a living. After all, I wear Nikes. Then I had my bubble burst when Nike said Thursday it does not have a “contractual relationship” with Michael Vick, a day after the quarterback’s agent announced a deal with the manufacturer. In a statement released Thursday morning, Nike said it has “agreed to supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are not under contract with Nike.” So Vick gets some free Nike cleats and wrist bands. Whoopty-do.

The new comments on the bloggers pages had become celebratory. Most of the people were happy to know that Vick wasn’t making any money. They were dancing like the people in the sweatshop on The Wiz after Eviline got flushed down the toilet. Dude just can’t win.

Here is hypocrisy at its finest. They were ready to “Passion of the Christ” Vick and boycott Nike, because the crimes he committed were so reprehensible and morally irresponsible. How could Nike support such a tyrant?  However, without endorsing Vick, they were still readily and whole-heartedly willing to support a shoe company that pays workers in places like China and Korea a $1.25 an hour to make shoes that they will sell for $180.00. I don’t see Fox News covering that. Where are the moral police? Where are Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino when you need them? Weedo, weedo, wee – weedo, weedo, wee – weedo, weedo, wee!!

They want Vick to be like Adam Sandler playing sandlot football back in Leavenworth. These people were not taking a moral stand. They were taking a personal stand against Vick.

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Baby Thugs Gone Wild


A 16 year-old kid named Derrion Albert was beaten to death in Chicago this week and it was captured on video tape for the world to see the epitome of ignorance plaguing our community. I did not blog on it sooner, because I needed to cool off a little, before I wrote something that I might regret later. But this black on black violence thing is getting old. Barack wants Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics; Chicago need to be hosting a gospel revival and a G.E.D. program.

Three teens arrested in the young man’s death — Silvanus Shannon, 19; Eric Carson, 16; and Eugene Riley, 18 — were seen on the videotape attacking Albert, and were charged with first degree murder and held without bail, Simonton said. Monday night authorities said they charged a fourth suspect, 17-year-old Eugene Bailey, with murder.

The entire incident was captured on video and the person who taped it had the nerve to put it on YouTube. Seriously, is it even legal for someone to film a crime and post it on the internet? Can I film someone stealing a car or robbing a bank and post it on Facebook. I think that is ridiculous. If you are video taping the crime, it means that you were obviously around during the time of the crime, so that means that you could have done something that may have saved the young man’s life. Stop filming with your camera phone and dial 9-1-1.

I really feel bad for the mother. She had to watch her son be murdered, and watch all those people standing around doing nothing. I even saw adults passing in cars on the street where the fight was taking place. I am not saying that they should have jumped in the scuffle, but call the police, blow your horn, flash your lights, do donuts in the intersection….do SOMETHING. What if it was your kid out there getting beat down with pipes and sticks, wouldn’t’ you want someone to help your kid? The only good that came from taping it, is that the prosecutors will have more concrete evidence on his killers.

So you got one black youth dead, and three going to the State Pen instead of Penn. State. And the cycle continues.

To make matters worse, Fox News was using the footage to report on the story. Although the goons that were out there fighting, clearly don’t’ represent all the youth in Chicago, they were making us all look really bad. You would think that having an African American man win the United States Presidential Election, thing would be a little better.

A lot of the youngsters today are out of control. They are not scared of anything and don’t value anthing. I am not saying al of our kids are losers, but there is a good amount of them that are. Just like Joe Clark said in Lean on Me, “They say one bad apple spoils a bunch…but what about 200?” 

In the video, these kids looked like savages on a deserted island fighting for their lives. The problem is that they are not fighting for the right things. Here’s a thought, why not fight for better schools, better after school programs, parenting classes, trade programs. Why not learn how to box and get paid to fight? Why not join the Marines and you can carry your gun around every time you go out.

Our future is not looking very bright if these kids are going to be running things. I am about to get those Rosetta Stone CDs and learn to how to speak French. I’m moving my family to France. The only thing I will have to worry about is running out of butter for my croissants.

The other question I have is where are all the African American celebrities and athletes at? Jay Z was all over the country promoting the Blueprint 3, Oprah was chillin’ with him in Marcy projects. (She had 900 police officers and the S.W.A.T. team with her).

She can go all the way to Africa and start a school, she can “speak out” against Chris Brown for washing up Rihanna, but something this major happens in Chicago where Harpo Studios her beloved studio is, and she hasn’t come out to say anything. I am bashing Oprah as a person, or telling her what to do, I am just saying that my hope is that people like her would take this opportunity to help uplift our people. Here is a great time to use your influence to help the community. I wish Oprah could channel “Sophia” from the Color Purple and go off!

There is nothing wrong with Alicia Keys going help the women in Africa fight AIDS and oppression, but we got some serious problems on the home front.

Where is Kanye West with his big mouth? He usually always has something to say.

Diddy tweets about nonsense all day. He tweets about taking a crap, he couldn’t tweet “Stop the Violence” or something? Maybe we need to get Dr. Dre to produce a “Self Destruction” video or “We All in the Same Gang” video. Maybe that would help.

What can we do as a whole? For starters, we can try to unify as a community to try to take back the streets. Go out and talk to some kids, help mobilize the community to work toward curbing the violence. Talk to our own kids; explain to them that what they hear on the radio and see on T.V. is not real. We also need to start talking to them earlier about life and what’s going on in the world. Let them know that there is a whole world outside of the hood. Let them know that keeping real is a lie. Bring them to church, bring them to school, and listen to what their problems are.

The most important thing for us is to do after all that is be consistent. Don’t try to be the president of the “Big Brother Program” every time something bad happens. Do it while Pookie chilln’ on your couch playing Madden. We have got to get involved.

I remember that episode of Good Times when they tried to make J.J. join the Satan’s Knights and go to a gang fight. James Evans Sr. stepped in and at least tried to help his son. J.J. still got a cap busted in his ass, but at least they tried.


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NFL Prediction Week 3: SAINTS Kill BILLS

Lions Saints Football

According to my NFL preseason prediction for the New Orleans SAINTS, things are going as planned. Brees is doing his thing and the defense is holding their end of the bargain. Finally ESPN is starting to take notice. This week we got the Buffalo Bills and although it’s not December, they are slated to have bad weather that day in Buffalo, so we can kiss the forty point streak good-bye.

People are calling Drew Brees the modern day Dan Marino, but I disagree…He is much shorter. What I do think is that this is the last call for alcohol in terms of a Super Bowl run for New Orleans. If head coach Sean Payton does not bring us to the promise land this year, that’s a wrap. Then Brees will be Dan Marino Jr., let’s just hope the SAINTS don’t get “Ray Finkled.” I am sure we will “Kills the Bills,” but there are a few things that make me nervous.


Areas of Concern:

 Running back Mike Bell is hurt and won’t be playing this week. That concerns me, because Pierre Thomas is not healthy either, which means we’ll have to give more touches to Reggie Bitch, I mean Bush.

 Lance Moore is out, but we are good at wide-out. I just don’t like the idea of Brees not having one of his primary weapons. It’s like being the Power Rangers and not having the Blue Ranger. You can still kick ass, but you can’t turn into the big robot without him.

 Buffalo’s running back Fred Jackson scares me a little. If he gets going, they’ll be able to set up the play-action with T.O., and then we’ll really have problems.

 The weather may also take some air out of the long passing game. It is suppose to rain and be very windy. That means difficulty throwing the long ball and kicking field goals. The team that makes the least mistakes will win this ugly game. The Saints are the better team, so barring a bad Brees day, the Saints will win.

SAINTS 27 BILLS 23 – – – SAINTS go 3-0!!!

Here is a tribute song to the New Orleans Saints.

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Plaxico Going to Jail for Too Long

Stay Up Homey!

Stay Up Homey!

NFL Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress has begun serving his two-year sentence after an incident that occurred in November at Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan, where Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh. He was not licensed to carry a concealed weapon, in New York and his Florida permit had expired six months prior.

A la` Michael Vick, Plax has turned in his No. 17 for a new number: 09-R-3260. He reported to Rikers Island for processing, and then he was transferred to Ulster Correctional Facility in Napanoch, New York.

Now I know that most people are sick and tired of athletes getting arrested for doing dumb things. Every time you turn on the news, some millionaire athlete has had a run in with the law that is avoidable in most cases. These NFL and NBA players get arrested more than Bobby Brown and DMX put together.

I am not taking up for poor decision making, my beef is with the punishment. I don’t think the punishment always fits the crime. Like people sitting in jail for unpaid parking tickets. If I am locked up for thirty 30 days, how can I pay the court?

Plaxico was sentenced to two years in prison for carrying an unlicensed gun and shooting himself. It sounds silly hearing that, but that’s what happened. He did not try to ride on some dudes that played for the Redskins or something, he shot himself. That’s like trying to commit suicide and being charged with attempted murder.

Let’s be serious, Plax was barely a threat on the football field, let alone to society.  O-dog was a menace to society, the D.C. Sniper was a menace to society, Macy Gray is a menace to society, not some tall lanky dude named Plaxico. You got drunken dudes running people over in their cars and killing them, and only getting a month of jail time. (Cleveland Browns Receiver, Donte Stallworth). I know guys who have done far worse things and gotten less time. Armed robbers and killers have gotten less time. Maybe if he would have shot someone else, and had some crack in his pocket, he would have gotten off with probation.

Another question is why didn’t anyone from the club get indicted? They knew he was packing the gat, and let him in the club anyway. Doesn’t that make the club owner an accomplice?4d6471f6173d6278

At the most, Plax should have done 60 days in jail. The city of New York should have made him perform community service, talk to some at risk kids, or pick up trash on the highway like Chris Brown is doing now. He was already suspended from the NFL, and he looks like the thing from a nightmare before Christmas, so he didn’t have any endorsement deals to lose.

 To make matters worse, he has 3-year-old son and a pregnant wife. He is going to miss the birth of his next kid. They may not even know him when he gets out. It’ll be like on the movie “The Color Purple” when Cielie kids came back from Africa to meet her for the first time. That’s messed up.

The good news is that he is in a single cell. Does anyone remember that HBO show OZ? Nobody should want to go to jail after watching that. The media is reporting that he will be assigned to a single cell apart from the general population at his request. Smart move homey. I would have done the same thing. He may have dropped some passes in his career, but nobody wants to have to worry about him dropping the soap.

 I am surprised more people have not spoken out about this. Now I usually don’t’ agree with “big perm” jumping on news stories to get his shine on, but I had to agree with his sentiment on this one.

Reverend Al Sharpton expressed his outrage over the two-year-sentence Burress received. He said, “I think it is an unusually harsh sentence for someone who was his own victim. He should be punished but his sentence is way out of proportion with the crime. Celebrities should not be given special treatment but they should not be given exceptional punishments either.”

(Just like they did Michael Vick, but let’s not even go there…)

After he is released, the next phase will be to figure out who will sign him. Maybe the Eagles or the Cowboys will sign him.

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NFL Week 2 Prediction: SAINTS Stomp EAGLES at Home

The New Orleans Saints travel up to the city of brotherly love to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the Saints are 3 point underdogs, I am picking them to win by 20. That’s right, Philly fans; I am predicting a blow out.

Quick! Get this guy some chunky soup!

Quick! Get this guy some chunky soup!

Donovan McNabb is unable to throw the ball well or play “Adam” in the hit play “Adam& Eve: The Early Years,” because he cracked the rib that is suppose to go to Eve. He may not even play at all. I am also not convinced that Brian Westbrook is 100%.

 Add this all with the fact that the Saints have an improved defense and an offense that looks like the Patriots of 2006; it may be a long day for the Eagles. That pesky P.E.T.A. organization will be the least of their worries. This will be a statement game for the Saints. Just like that song by the group After 7, “Baby I’m for Reaal!”

 Drew Brees is coming off of a 6 touchdown game with over 350 yards passing and the running backs added another 180 yards to the total offense. The defense only allowed 1 offensive touchdown, which is unheard of in New Orleans.

League MVP

League MVP

Philly on the other hand has an injured starting quarterback and a suspended 3rd string QB (Vick), who is probably the best athlete on the team. The second string Kevin Kolb sucks so bad, they had to sign Jeff Garcia again.

 A buddy of mine from the gym  is a die-hard Eagles fan, and I had to write this blog to him so that I could break the news to him early. “Marcus, Philly will lose…badly.”

I am actually pulling for the Eagles to do well this season, because I am supporting Michael Vick’s comeback, but he does not comeback “technically” until next week. So, let the blow out celebration begin early. Geaux Saints!!

SAINTS 41, Eagles 17


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NFL KICKOFF WEEKEND 2009 – What I think…about my team and yours

Geaux Saints

Geaux Saints

The New Orleans Saints are going to “Shake up the World” as Mohammed Ali would say after he beat a certain someone’s ass 3 decades ago. Most people know the Saints as an under achieving team with a great quarterback in Drew Brees and a Bush that has more favor than other Bush’s around the Crescent City.

2006 they almost reached unthinkable heights as they fell to the Chicago Cubs, I mean Bears in the NFC championship. Since then, expectations have been high. Finishing in the cellar of the NFC South division, I feel that it is not only their time to win the Division, but to go……all…..the…..way to the Superbowl baby!!

Here’s why:

Let’s take a look at the NFC south:

Tampa Bay Bucanneers – Garbage! Let’s just change their names to the “Suck-aneers”….Next!

Atlanta Falcons– They will be a victim of last year’s success. Everyone will be gunning for them and Matt Ryan. Although Gonzalez (spelling)  will torch people at tight end, another certain tight end will shine out of the south. (Jeremy Shockey). As for Matt Ryan, can anyone say sophomore slump?? Expectations are for him to be the next Tom Brady or something and it’s not going to happen just yet. The NFL is becoming desperate to make new stars like clean cut Matt Ryan. Plus, Philly will score 50 on them when Michael Vick comes to town. LOL.

Carolina Panthers – They will finish second in our division. The running game is good, Steve Smith is great, but Jake is washed up to me. The Saints gave Carolina a gem when we afforded them a franchise quarterback and kept “cannon arm, doe-doe” who needed to see the wizard for a brain Aaron Brooks. That gift is like the toys you give your kids for Christmas and by New Year’s Day it is broken. Jake is done. The defense will still be top 8, but they won’t do too much.

New Orleans Saints – Where do we begin? Drew Brees will be the league MVP, he will break the record he almost broke last year. (barring injury). Shockey  will be the most improved player. The defense will be much improved and coach Payton will stop trying to run Bush up the middle. The only way he would go up the middle is if Kim Kardashian was playing Center. Now that’s what I call a Wild Cat formation!!!

The Saints are also being underestimated this year. Brett Favre is the ghost of football past and they are treating him like it is 1996 again. They are crowning the Vikings Kings of the NFC, when they need to be getting Prince to loan Favre his purple wheel chair he was being pushed around in after hip surgery. Arizona won’t be back, in the bowl, because their Arizona, and by the time McNabb stop player hating Michael Vick in Philly, they’ll self destruct. The Giants have Plax going to jail, Shockey is with us, Toomer’s with Tom, Tyree is working at Best Buy (cruel>LOL) and Eli Manning has already used his trust fund paying off the Patriots. Green Bay may be good competition, the Bears will through Cutler out on his bum when he tries to talk back to James Evans, um I mean Lovie Smith…..

The Saints have the most potent offense with a decent defense. We will score 30+ and only give up 20. Barring any injuries or suspensions for taking Pepto Bismal (since it’s been put on the banned substance list), the Saints will do it real big.

I know what you are thinking. What about the AFC? Well,what about Chris Brown? What about the swine flu? What about Obamacare? Well, until I see who we are playing in the Superbowl, it does not matter. It’ll most likely be the Patriots or the Steelers. (I’d rather play New England) BTW, we play them this year on Monday night football.

As far as the steelers go, yall still have to make it back. Polamalu has gotten soft on yall. He got hurt in the first game and he is doing Head and shoulders commercials. I thought he was supposed to be the island Sampson or something like that. He might wanna consider some corn rows or something.

Any The band wagon is loading now. All aboard for Superbowl City. You heard it heard first…ALLLL ABBOOOAAARD!!


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