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Romnesia on Blast – I’m for it…no wait…I’m against it!

Look, one of the greatest privileges of being an American is our right to vote. We vote on just about everything. We vote for your favorite singer on American Idol, we vote for the best team in college football, we even vote on what we’re going to vote on sometimes. Well, one of the most important things we vote for is the job of the highest office in the land: The President of the United States. Except for Dancing with the Stars, this is probably one of the ugliest, most expensive elections that we vote on.

Now usually, the Presidential election is between two candidates that have a difference of opinions on certain issues ranging from economics to foreign policy. They spend a considerable amount of time ridiculing and demonizing their opponents views to make their own look more attractive to the voters. I get that. I can even appreciate a good debate or a little mudslinging to get your point across. Sometimes, however they are long on dirt and short on truth or substance to the point where it’s just offensive. This is usually done by people who don’t have any platform of their own to stand on.

However, when you are battling against a guy who can’t even keep it real with himself, what are you really fighting against? We know that ALL politicians on some level have to slant their short comings to a certain extent, but being in denial of your own principals and beliefs, then changing course based on who’s around is just too much. I can support a person who is agreeing with me just to appear to be on my side.

You can be an overly aggressive, insensitive elitist or a wuss, but at least be consistent. I had a teacher in the 8th grade named Ms. Warren who was so mean, she would fail you if you missed her class to attend your momma’s funeral. Is it fair? No. However, we all knew where she stood and knew what to expect from her. I had to accept her as the authority figure of 8th grade civics and keep it moving. I am just glad my mother lived through my 8th grade year of middle school.

The $250,000 question is……or better yet for Mitt, the $1,000,000.00 question is, how can you lead the country and expect people to stand with you if you don’t even stand with yourself? Mitt Romney may be a decent person, but as a President….not so much. It’s not about your party affiliation, but you’re very core beliefs. The terms, Flip Romney, and etch-a-sketch, etc. were clever nicknames for Mittens, but after hearing him speak in the republican primaries and now the general election. I still don’t know who he is. So instead of me saying vote for Obama, I am just saying, “anyone, but Mitt Romney.”

If he wins, he wins, but don’t be surprised if he forgets what he promised you…..

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